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Would you like to become an event planner? Don't know where to begin?

This is the place to find the answers to your questions. We offer comprehensive event planner resources, in-depth event planning career information, the inside scoop on how to get a job as an event planner and a step-by-step manual on Starting an Event Planning Company.

If you are already an event planner, check out our e-book "Checklists and Contracts for Event Planners" full of information on contracts, insurance, pricing, RFP's, conversions, checklists and much more to help you do your job!

Have you been dreaming of becoming an event planner? Is a career in event planning right for you? Click here to find out what it takes to become an event planner. (more)

Are you looking for a job as an event planner? Click here to find out who hires event planners and what you need to know to get your dream job. (more)

Ready to start your own event planning company? Need to know everything from the ground up? Click here for the guide "Starting an Event Planning Company" (more)

Looking for event planning resources? Want to know how to structure a contract? How to charge for your services? All this an more is in the "Checklist and Contracts for Event Planners". The resources also offers a great section on suppliers to find all the products and services you need for your next event plus where you can go on the web for great educational resources. (more)

Need help? For all your event planning questions, problems and legal concerns, pay-as-you-go consultations available by phone or at your location. (more)

Event Planner and Author

Jill Snodgrass


Jill Snodgrass is the owner and President of Daily Plan-it, an event and incentive management company.  She has been organizing and managing events for over 20 years. Jill has a background in marketing and advertising, trained in the tourism and travel industry and uses her natural creative talents to craft extraordinary programs for her clients world-wide.

Jill started her hospitality career by opening a catering company and quickly moved into full-scale event production. With her team, Daily Plan-it offers a custom approach building each program with an attention to detail that exceeds her client’s expectations. 

She has taken 150 radio station incentive winners to 5 countries in 7 days with stops in Amsterdam, the Coast of del Sol, and Tangiers. Another ultimate experience for 30 insurance associates was arranged at Althorp Manor in England, Princess Diana’s ancestral home and now final resting place. Jill is the Event Director for "Salute to America - A Capitol Celebration” on the 4th of July featuring national bands, themed areas and more in a spectacle that attracts more than 50,000 visitors a year.

Jill is a recognized business leader in the event and incentive fields and an accomplished author who penned four books including the top selling industry guide Become an Event Planner.

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