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"I am in the process of opening my own Event Management Company in South Carolina, and was seeking advice. 

* How do you price your services? (hourly?, percentage?, Flat fee?...)

* Contracts...do y'all write them yourselves...or do you hire a lawyer to assist you with this? Do you have a "sample copy" of a contract?

I really appreciate your time! Like I said earlier...I am in the beginning steps and would love any advise you have to offer..."


Lisa Turoto





Checklists and Contracts for Event Planners

Event Planning is an exciting field. In our first book, Become an Event Planner, you'll find a wealth of information to help you understand the basics of event planning. Now that you are an event planner, you need additional resources to help you do your job more effectively and efficiently. Our e-book, Contracts and Checklists for Event Planners has all the advice and information you need to hit the ground running. Here's what you'll find inside:

Understanding the Elements of an Event

    Checklist for choosing the date

    How to create a purpose statement

    How to develop a theme

    Researching the events audience

    How to calculate attendance numbers

    How to contract with the client

    How to define a budget:

o       Budget checklist

    Event overview worksheet

o       Checklist for choosing an event facility

o       Event venue site-inspection checklist

o       Hotel venue site-inspection checklist

    How to communicate the event

    General checklist for choosing your event vendors

o       Checklist for choosing a caterer

o       Checklist for choosing bands and entertainers

o       Checklist for choosing a DJ

o       Checklist for choosing an Audio/Visual Company


Understanding Contracts

    Elements of a client contract. This includes all the pieces you 'pick and choose' to put together a client contract that exactly suites your specific situation

    Sample Contracts to use with your clients: In addition to all the 'elements', there are 4 live contracts, taken from actual events, you can customize and use as your own!

    Checklist for contracts with your event vendors

    Sample vendor contract letter

    Checklist for contracts with your caterer

    Checklist and terms for contracts with your entertainment

    Understanding Music licensing

    Sample Independent Contractor contract

    Elements of event facility contracts

    Elements of BEOs (Banquet Event Orders)

    Sample hotel contract

    Understanding insurance certificates of liability

    Sample certificate

    Purchasing Special Event Insurance

    Sample special event insurance quote


Bonus Book:  Cheat Sheets for Event Planners

(click here for table of contents)

Checklists and Contracts for Event Planners, is available NOW for only $49.95! Order today and receive the Event Planner's Cheat Sheets FREE!

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Cheat Sheets for Event Planners

Event Terminology (100 definitions you need to know)


What you should have in your Planners toolkit



- Serving styles defined

- Proper way to set the table & buffet

- Weights and conversions

- Understanding flatware

- 8 popular napkin folds with instructions

- Chart for choosing the right table and linen sizes

- Formula for determining how much table skirting

- Culinary Terminology



- Beverage portions

- Whats included in a basic bar

- Estimating how much alcohol to order

- Chart of common bar measurements and equivalencies

- Types of glassware for the bar

- Bar terminology


Facilities and Set-up

- Meeting room configurations

- Spacing tables and chairs

- How to prepare an event diagram

- Table icons to use to create your event diagram

- General guidelines for determining the right size tent

- How to determine the right size dance floor


Invitations & Printing

- How to address formal invitations

- Invitation terminology

- Printing terminology


Entertainment/Audio Visual

- Entertainment terminology

- Audio/Visual terminology


Balloon Decor

- Latex Balloon Helium Chart

- How to make balloon bouquets

- How to make balloon columns

- How to make balloon garlands


Conversion Tables


All this is yours FREE with your order of Checklists and Contracts for Event Planners.

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