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At Daily Plan-it, we assign a dedicated team to your account who will use the information collected in the research phase to develop concepts customized to meet your organization's sales and marketing goals. Once you have reviewed and approved the initial concepts, we will prepare and present estimated budgets and a financial model projecting an expected return on investment. Upon your approval, a final presentation is developed detailing all aspects of the program including communications, program administration and award recommendations.

In addition to the creative pre-promotion provided by Daily Plan-it, we carry through your program theme in all pieces related to your incentive award. This also includes:

Trip Itinerary Booklet
This piece contains all the information necessary for a great trip.  It's very detailed and includes airline information, what to wear/bring, info on the destination, itineraries and more.  Of course, this is mailed to the winners as soon as they are notified along with a detailed travel profile that helps us determine individual preferences.

Travel Packet
This packet includes the airline tickets, luggage tags, packing list and leave behind card for family and friends.

Welcome Packet
Included in this packet that's distributed on-site is a handy at-a-glance reference listing updated itinerary, optional activities and departure information.  Also included are name tags that can be worn like a necklace and used to keep room keys, credit cards and extra cash.

Gift and Note cards
Designed with the logo, these cards will accompany any gifts with a message from
your organization.  Blank note cards will also be available on-site for managers to use for special invitations!

Room, Pillow and At-Home Gifts
We pride ourselves in selecting gifts for your participant that reflect your program theme and destination. We suggest nightly 'pillow gifts' as a small token of your appreciation to your winners. These can be as inexpensive as a small bottle filled with sand from the beach laid out with a few shells and a personal note from the president, a local delicacy from the sweetshop or a pre-stamped postcard your guest can mail home. Rest assured, whatever your budget we can find the perfect selection of items and take care of every detail.

To cement lasting memories, we suggest an “at home gift” for each couple.  Popular choices include coffee table books on the destination, sculptures and figurines that tie to the theme and food baskets with recipes to remind them of the great cuisine.  We can help you select and package a gift that will be waiting to surprise your winners when they return.

Included in your program design at no extra charge:

Logo design:
A customized logo is developed and provided to use on stack-rankings and other printed materials distributed throughout the contest.  We'll even design and provide camera-ready layout for letterhead and note cards!

Kick-off event planning:  Assistance with location selection, hotel video, token gift selection, itinerary planning and on-site assistance to present the trip.

Rules and informational brochure design: 
With your input, we'll create a dynamic piece to present at the kick-off or mail to the participants that's designed to explain the rules and excite potential winners.

Posters and Brochures: 
Working with the local Tourism organization, we'll provide beautiful posters along with an abundant supply of destination and hotel brochures.

Informational newsletters and/or Website content: 
During the course of the contest period, a newsletter will be created containing a wealth of information about the destination and program particulars.  This can also be posted on your company's website or intranet.

At-home family motivational pieces:
It's important to get the family behind the employee so an appropriate number of motivational pieces will be cleverly designed

Of course these are just a few of the pieces we can do for you. Please submit a request for information to receive a personalized, no obligation proposal.


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