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Chinese New Year
Volunteer Firefighter Day
World Literacy Day
National Hobby Month
Prune Breakfast Month
National Soup Month
National Bowling Week
National Pizza Week
Mozart Week


Black History Month
National Dental Month
National Heart Month
Chocolate Lover's Month
National Cherry Month
National Pencil Week
International Friendship Week
Boy Scout Week
National Youth Fitness Week
National Youth Fitness Week
National Crime Prevention Week


National Nutrition Month
National Peanut Month
Red Cross Month
Music in our Schools Month
Youth Art Month
National Physical Education Week
Woman's History Week
Foreign Language Week
Save Your Vision Week
Procrastination Week
Girl Scout Week
Daffodil Week, American Cancer Society
National Wildlife Week
National Poison Prevention Week
Mathematical Education Week
Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week
Newspaper in Education Week
National Bubble Gum Week


1st – Salem witch hysteria began in 1692

2nd – Dr. Seuss’s birthday (1904)

6th – Michaelangelo’s birthday (1475)

9th – Barbie debuts in 1959

11th Johnny Appleseed day

17th – St. Patrick’s Day

20th – Spring begins

30th – Jeopardy premiered in 1964


Pets are Wonderful Month
National Science and Technology Week
National Laugh Week
National Library Week
National Coin Week
National Karaoke Week

Bike Safety Week
Daylight Savings Time


1st – April Fool’s Day

1st – National fun at work day

21st – Administrative Professionals Day

23rd – Shakespeare’s birthday (1564)

25th – Earth Day

30th – Arbor Day


Better Hearing and Speech Month
Foot Health Month
National Physical Fitness and Sports Month
National High Blood Pressure Month
Arthritis Month
Better Sleep Month
Correct Posture Month
Older Americans Month
National Barbecue Month
National Bike Month
National Mine Month
Music Appreciation Week
International Pickle Week
National Family Week
Teacher Appreciation Week
National Photo Week
Be Kind to Animals Week
National Transportation Week
All American Buckle Up Week


1st – May Day

1st Kentucky Derby

5th – Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

6th – Sigmund Freud’s birthday (1856)

16th – First Academy Awards held in 1929

25th – Star Wars released in 1977

31st – Memorial Day


Diary Month
National Flag Month
National Little League Baseball Week
Tennis Week
Family Day

International Volunteers Week


5th – Belmont Stakes

6th – First drive-in movie theater opened in 1933

6th – D-Day

14th – Flag Day

14th – World Juggling Day

20th – Father’s Day

21st – Wimbledon begins



Anti-Boredom Month

Cell phone courtesy month

Eye Injury Prevention month

Women’s motorcycle month

National Baked Bean month

National Hotdog month


1st – Canada Day

2nd – Declaration of Independence adopted in 1776

4th – Independence day

5th – PT Barnum was born in 1810

14th – Bastille Day

18th – National Ice cream Day



Admit you’re happy month

Black business month

Cataract awareness month

National Immunization Awareness month

National inventor’s month

National Win with civility month


1st – MTV Premiered in 1981

3rd – National Night Out

5th – American Bandstand premiered in 1957

15th – National Relaxation Day

25th – Wizard of Oz released in 1939


Better Breakfast Month
Emergency Care Month
National Sight Saving Month
National School Bus Safety Week
American Newspaper Week
Rosh Hashanah
Yom Kippur

1st Monday - Labor Day
1st Sunday - National Grandparent's Day
1st -- Wreck of the Titanic found 1985

8th – Star Trek premiered in 1966

11th – Patriot Day

19th – Talk like a pirate day

26th – National Good Neighbor Day



Gourmet Adventures Month
Popcorn Poppin' Month
Pasta Month
Pretzel Month
Pizza Month
Apple Month
Computer Learning Month
National Apple Month
National Stamp Collecting Month
National Footwear Week
National 4 H
National Possum Week
National Fire Prevention Week
National School Lunch Week
Clean Air Week
Energy Awareness Week
National Social Studies Week

Fire Prevention Week


1st – Model T introduced in 1908

6th – National German-American Day

16th – Dictionary Day

16th – National Boss Day

24th – United Nations Day

28th – Bill Gates Birthday

31st – National Knock-Knock Day



National Lung Cancer Month
Aviation Month
Good Nutrition Month
National Diabetes Month
National Epilepsy
National Stamp Collecting Month
American Education Week
National Children's Book Week
National Family Week
National Cat Week
National Geography Week  

First Tuesday - Election Day

4th Thursday - Thanksgiving


4th – National Men Make Dinner Day

6th – Sadie Hawkins Day

10thStanley finds Livingston in 1871

18th – Mickey Mouse first appeared in 1928

27th – Jimmy Hindrix’s birthday (1942)

30th – Dick Clark’s birthday




New Year’s Eve
Human Rights Month

National Tie Month


1st – United Nations World AIDS Day

4th – National dice day

5th – Walt Disney’s birthday (1901)

12th – Frank Sinatra’s birthday (1915)

16th – Boston Tea Party happened in 1773

21st – Pilgrims landed at Plymouth in 1620

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